Investment factors that encourage AYYAN INVESTMENT to achieve its objectives:

  • Availability of raw materials (including agricultural products, petrochemicals and natural gas).
  • Ready availability of utilities such as electricity, water and gas supplies, and good communication system.
  • Vantage geographical location of the Al-Ahsa area within easy reach from major industrial cities of the Eastern and central Saudi Arabia and other consuming markets of the GCC countries.
  • Relatively dense population of the Al-Ahsa area.
  • 5-The biggest oil fields of ARAMCO such as Shedgum, Udhilaya and Uthmaniya are located in the Al-Ahsa area.
  • The King Faisal University which has a number of specialized colleges and institutions of industries and arts is also located in Al-Ahsa.
  • Low cost loans from Saudi Industrial Development Fund, up to 50% of total project investment.
  • Tariff exemption on imported equipment and materials.
  • Selective tariff protection for imported equipment products.
  • Corporate tax abatement for up to 10 years.
  • Infrastructures, including established industrial estates.
  • Low-cost land.
  • Government policies giving preferences to Saudi producers.
  • Political stability and absence of labor unrests.
  • Free movement of capital and no restriction on repatriation of profit for the international partner.

Industrial Investment

Owns subsidiaries as well as investment in associated companies


Service Investment

One of the pillars of the company’s revenues


Medical Investment

Managing, operating and maintaining hospitals, clinics and medical centres, and trade in wholesale and retail


Real Estate Investment

Investment in real estate projects owned subsidiary of real estate companies


Investing in Securities

Owns securities managed by one of the brokerage firms


Net Profits (Lost)

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Company Investment