Developing the Kingdom economically

By Investing in the Medical Care Sector


We seek to be a distinguished investment company in the healthcare sector primarily with a positive contribution to raising the quality of the sector and building strong relationships with all relevant parties.


Developing the company's assets through acquisitions and mergers with building strategic partnership relationships. Improving the return on investments by developing business & continuous expansion. Developing the capabilities and cadres of the company in the administrative, financial and medical fields.

Main Objectives

The Executive Management is seeking for the company based on the directives of the Board of Directors to maximize the profitability of its shareholders through the company’s financial resources management to achieve the best returns, as well as the application of the concept of total quality management to enhance the confidence of its customers in subsidiaries through the continuous development of its services and achieve the level of quality that aspire to their customers in order to be strengthened its location in the market.

Future Expectations

In light of the updated strategy, the Board of Directors of Ayyan Investment seeks to benefit from all the company’s assets with the aim of maximizing its value, increase the return on assets and studying to enter into new investment opportunities that would be an added value to the company’s profitability and shareholders’ rights.

2022 Milestones

In 2022, Ayyan has Improving associate company results. Opening Al-Salam Hospital in Al-Khobar and obtaining the final operating license. Work to redistribute the investment portfolio in line with the strategic objectives of the company

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